With this application you can store your library of books in a simple, intuitive manner. You can save and open multiple different libraries, and all the source code is available on my GitHub!

This library app is my first app that I've created in Java. I came up with the idea for it on 12/03/19, but decided that I didn't want to do a console based application, I wanted something users could actually see and play with, so I spent the next couple weeks studying Swing so I could create a GUI based application. On the 27th I began work on the app and on the 31st I released this current first version!
I learnt a lot about Java through this project, and it's currently the one I'm still the most proud of. The application features the MVC architecture, custom classes, enumerations and interfaces, event handling, mnemonics, file exploration, a POJO and a GridBag layout. There are some bugs, such as the ID's not correcting after deletion of an entry, but I've decided not to return to this project and perfect it, as Swing doesn't seem to be in demand at the moment in London, and Spring seems far more important to learn than JavaFX to get a job.

The file explorer
The finished application
Some code of the app
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