My Portfolio


Flutter | My Skies

My most recent, ambitious weather application written in Dart using the Flutter framework.


Kotlin | Simpsons Trivia

A Simpsons quiz, published on the play store!


Spring | Pet Clinic

My Java project in Spring, featuring JUnit


Flutter | Snapfake

My ongoing project, creating a clone of SnapChat


Swing | Library Application

This was my very first java project. A library application written in the Swing framework.

About Me

I began my programming journey in 2014, where I created a very simple website using HTML and CSS, following tutorials from TeamTreehouse. At this point I thought I might want to be a web developer, so I began to study some JavaScript. A year later, I discovered the world of game programming through Unity 3D which uses C#. I loved this, but the tutorials were lacking and at the time, I hadn't quite committed to programming just yet. I returned to programming with the ambition of being a game developer, so I began to study C++, however I was quickly overwhelmed with the difficulty of having C++ as my first real programming language, so I switched to Java.

From 2018, I took my time with Java and it begans to be the language where I really commit to becoming a developer. I enrolled in a Computing and IT degree at the Open University to broaden my knowledge and increase my employability prospects in the future. In 2019, I got serious I commited myself towards studying Java and taking it to a professional level. I developed my first application in March using the Swing framework, created my second using the Hibernate ORM in April, and then worked on learning Spring while trying to secure my first job as a Software Engineer.

In 2020 I began to start learning Kotlin to develop mobile applications for Android. I quit my 3 year job after saving for months to commit myself fully to becoming a software developer. I'm really enjoying Kotlin, and am working on coding challenges daily. I'm looking forward to a long, accomplished career in software engineering, and can't wait to get started in the industry.

Technical Skills

Who I am


I love to have many different hobbies and interests. I love to game, I love to read, and I love spending time in the workshop creating things such as the arcade machine I built myself earlier this year. I'm also an amatuer chef, cooking new things all the time, check it out on my Instagram! I'm still upset about the end of Game of Thrones. The picture above is my on top of the Rockefeller skyscraper in NYC, my dream is to travel to every state in the USA, just 47 left to go!

I am a personable, friendly presence in any team. Spending 3 years in retail taught me so much about customer service. I treat people with respect and politeness. My greatest strength is my ability to learn things quickly, and my strong logical thinking (INT-J) makes me a great asset to any company.

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London, UK

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